Charles De Clercq

Adresse :

Université Paris 13, Sorbonne Paris Cité
LAGA, UMR 7539
Case C-3
F-93430, Villetaneuse

Bureau D409
Email : declercqØ

In preparation

Smooth profinite groups and applications (with Mathieu Florence)
  • [pdf]

  • Lifting Galois representations (with Mathieu Florence)

    Motivic surgery of isotropic Grassmannians (with Maksim Zhykhovich)

    Critical varieties and motivic equivalence of algebras with involution (with Anne Quéguiner-Mathieu and Maksim Zhykhovich)
  • [pdf]

  • Publications

    On the Tits p-indexes of semisimple algebraic groups (avec Skip Garibaldi)
  • [pdf]

  • Équivalence motivique des groupes algébriques semisimples
  • [pdf]

  • Upper motives of products of projective linear groups
  • [pdf]

  • Motivic rigidity of Severi-Brauer varieties
  • [pdf]

  • A going down theorem for Grothendieck Chow motives
  • [pdf]

  • Classification of upper motives of algebraic groups of inner type A_n
  • [pdf]

  • Motivic decompositions of projective homogeneous varieties and change of coefficients
  • [pdf]

  • Projets interdisciplinaires

    Surgery of the recurrent dislocation of low jaw, after Girard and Leclerc (with Professor Natsuki Segami)
  • [pdf]