Jeudi 13 Octobre

Retour à la vue des calendrier
Jeudi 13 Octobre
Heure: 10:15 - 12:00
Lieu: Salle B405, bâtiment B, LAGA, Institut Galilée, Université Paris 13
Résumé: Topologie algébrique - Derived Clifford algebra -
Description: Xuan Bach Nguyen
The Clifford algebra of a quadratic form is a very
classical object which plays an important part in the theory of
quadratic form. Several generalizations of the Clifford algebra
have been studied, for example, by replacing quadratic forms by
polynomial forms of higher degree. The study of these algebras
suggest that they can be defined geometrically. In this talk, we
will give the adjunction that realizes these generalizations and
we will introduce the derived Clifford algebra.