Jeudi 3 Novembre

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Jeudi 3 Novembre
Heure: 10:15 - 12:00
Lieu: Salle B405, bâtiment B, LAGA, Institut Galilée, Université Paris 13
Résumé: Topologie algébrique - On $v_1$-periodic motivic stable homotopy groups of spheres -
Description: J. D. QuigleyIn the 1960's, Adams computed the image of the J-homomorphism in the
stable homotopy groups and related it to special values of the Riemann
zeta function. In this talk, I will discuss work computing the "motivic
image-of-J" over prime fields and its applications to understanding
periodic phenomena in the motivic stable homotopy groups of spheres over
arbitrary base fields. I will also discuss work-in-progress extending
these results over rings of integers of number fields, along with
possible connections to special values of Dedekind zeta functions. This
is joint work with Hana Jia Kong.