Mercredi 1 Février

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Mercredi 1 Février
Heure: 13:30 - 15:00
Lieu: Salle B405, bâtiment B, LAGA, Institut Galilée, Université Paris 13
Résumé: Théorie Ergodique et Systèmes Dynamiques - Hausdorff dimension of exact set in metric measure spaces -
Description: Prasuna Bandi
In Diophantine approximation, it is a classical problem to determine the size of the sets related to psi approximable set for a given non-increasing function psi. The exact psi-approximable set is the set of numbers that are psi-approximable and not approximable to a better order than psi. Bugeaud determined the Hausdorff dimension of the exact psi-approximable set answering a question posed by Beresnevich, Dickinson, and Velani. We compute the Hausdorff dimension of the exact set in the general setup of Ahlfors regular spaces. Our result applies to approximation by orbits of fixed points of a wide class of discrete groups of isometries acting on the boundary of hyperbolic metric spaces. This is joint work with Anish Ghosh and Debanjan Nandi.