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Le premier colloquium du LAGA de l'année 2019-2020 est prévu 
le **vendredi 4 octobre prochain** à 14 h en amphi Euler.
Bernard Derrida, professeur au Collège de France,
fera un exposé intitulé "Les différents visages de l'équation Fisher-KPP". L'exposé sera suivi d'un thé servi en salle B407 aux environs
de 15h.

** The many faces of the Fisher-KPP equation**

The Fisher KPP equation describes the growth of a stable 
region into an unstable medium. It was introduced in 1937 both by the biologist and
statistician Fisher and by the mathematicians Kolmogorov,
Petrovsky, Piscounov to describe the propagation of a
favorable gene in a population. It is one of the classical
examples of the problem of velocity selection. It also
appears in many other contexts, ranging from the theory of
disordered systems and spin glasses to reaction diffusion
problems, branching Brownian motion and models of evolution
with selection. This talk will try to review some classical
results on this equation as well as several recent progress.