Announcement and Call for Papers for the

First International Symposium on

Finite Volumes for Complex Applications

- Problems and Perspectives -

July, 15-18, 1996 / Rouen, France


The goal of the symposium is to bring together mathematicians, physicians, engineers and numericists, who are concerned with Finite Volume Techniques in a wide context. Examples for the broad field of applications are fluid dynamics, solutions to the Maxwell equations structural analysis or nuclear physics.

 A closer look reveals many interesting phenomena and mathematical or numerical difficulties, such as true error analysis and adaptivity, modelling of multi-phase phenomena or fitting problems, stiff terms in convection/diffusion equations and sources. To overcome existing problems and to find solution methods for future applications requires many efforts and courageous new developments.

 The main issue of the symposium is thus a critical look at the subject. New ideas may be presented, even if they did not yet show full success. The demonstration of errors or limits of methods is explicitly welcome. Contributions may put main emphasis on theoretical as well as applied topics. Most welcome are contributions, concerned with unsolved or not yet fully satisfying solved problems and possible new attempts. 

Topics of Main Interest:

Among the wide range of topics main emphasis is put on the following:

  • Stiff systems of equations 
  • Systems with source terms 
  • Global error analysis 
  • Multi- phase problems and fitting 
  • Water Waves 
  • Complex geometries and adaptivity 
  • Chaotic problems (turbulence, ignition, mixing, ...) 
  • Complexity, efficiency and large computations 
  • Limits of methods and errors 
  • New fields of application 

Invited Keynote Lectures:

The following authors have agreed to present extended lectures:

Important Dates:

Submission of abstracts:  March 15, 1996 
Notice of acceptance:  April 15, 1996 
Early rate for registration:  May 20, 1996 
Final version of the paper:  May 20, 1996 
Registration for contributing delegates:  May 20, 1996 
Symposium:  July 15 - 18, 1996 

Submission of Abstracts:

Those wishing to present a contribution at the symposium are invited to submit an abstract of approximately 1000 words to one of the contact addresses below. Abstracts must arrive not later than March 15, 1996. Selections are made upon originality of the subjects proposed and clarity. Work in progress is welcome.

 Notification of acceptance will be forwarded by April 15, 1996. Advises for the lay out of the final paper will be given along with the acceptance note. Proceedings will be available at the symposium. Only papers from registered delegates will be printed. 

Conference language:

Abstracts, papers and presentations must, without any exception, be in english

Organizing Institutions:

Scientific Committee:

Organizing Committee and Contact Address:

Conference Fees:

prior to May 20, 1996 after May 20, 1996
Industrial Delegates $ 200.00 (FF 1030) $ 230.00 (FF 1185)
Delegates from Universities $ 120.00 (FF 618) $ 150.00 (FF 775)
Full Time Students $ 90.00 (FF 465) $ 110.00 (FF 565) 
Above rates include the proceedings and coffee breaks. The "University" rates are also applicable for all state research sites. The Student rate is applicable upon submission of corresponding documents.



INSA de Rouen is about 5 km far from the railway station which is in the city center. It is reachable by bus or taxi. A more detailed plan is available. 


In order to reduce the costs and to allow young scientists to participate, there is a limited amount of rooms in student lodgings. However, these rooms are not restricted to students. Upon convenience, the following hotels are also recomended:
Accommodation Category price per night in French Francs
Hotel "de Dieppe", centre Rouen,
Tel +33 35 71 96 00
(***) FF 370 ($ 82) Single, FF 460 ($ 102) Double
Hotel "La Berteliere", Bois Guillaume,
Tel +33 35 60 44 00
(***) FF 395 ($ 88) Single, FF 445 ($ 99) Double
Hotel "Companile", Mont Saint Aignan,
Tel +33 35 59 75 00
(**) FF 278 ($ 62)
Hotel "Cardinal", Pl Cathedrale, Rouen,
Tel +33 35 70 24 42
(**) FF 250 ($ 56) Single, FF 350 ($ 78) Double
Student Lodging - FF 80 ($ 18) 
For hotel reservation, please contact the above hotels directly. If the student lodgings are prefered, we'll reserve the room. (See accommodation registration form). In this case, full payment in advance is required.



A registration form for the symposium and the accommodation is available as a Postscript file. If, for any reason, you can not print this format, please send an e-mail or fax indicating your fax number. You will then receive a registration form by fax. 

Forms of Payment:

The fees are payable by cheque or bank transfer:
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