Advises for Authors First International Symposium on Finite Volumes for Complex Applications - Problems and Perspectives - July, 15-18, 1996 / Rouen, France Preparation of papers: Proceedings for the symposium will be printed by Editions HERMES, 14, rue Lantiez - 75017 Paris, France, Tel.: +33 1 42 29 4466, Fax.: +33 1 42 29 1556 Authors presenting a paper at the symposium are pleased to perform the final lay-out according to the instructions below: Get instructions as: * Postscript (53 KBytes) * Postscript, compressed (22 KBytes) If you did not yet receive a letter with the formal acceptance note including the guidelines and if also, for any reason, you cant access or print the postscript files, please send an e-mail or fax indicating your fax number. You will then receive the instructions by fax. According to many questions we are currently receiving concerning the formatting in LaTeX, we state the following: We've prepared a LaTeX version of the guidelines ourselves, since the editor could only provide a version on paper. Doing so, we've also noted, that this format is not easy to obtain in LaTeX. To do the job, we've thus created a version mainly formatted by hand. You may perhaps want to get the file as a sample: * Get the LaTeX-version of the instructions. Authors having difficulties with the style required may note the following: It is absolutely required, that the page-formating corresponds to the guidelines and that a 10-point times-roman font is chosen. For the optical appearance of the book, it would be nice to be as closed as possible to the detailed formatting advises. Slight variations may however not disturb too much. Due to a French law it is required that all papers presented in France are supplemented by a title and an abstract in French language . French abstracts should have the same size and content as their English counterparts in the papers. As guideline for the length of abstracts, please refer to the instructions. Since this may be difficult to do for non French speaking persons, we propose the following: * If you are a good French speaker, you are pleased to provide us a translation of the title and abstract. Please send it along with the paper in printed form and, if possible e-mail it to the organizers as LaTeX or ascii. * If you have difficulties in writing a French abstract, it will be written for you. Note however, that this may falsify the contents. If ever possible, avoid not to send a French version. * Please do not include the French abstract in your English paper, but use a separated sheet. Please note, that all papers will be reviewed before being accepted for publication in the symposium proceedings. Good emphasis on original work and new results are therefore strongly encouraged. Please check your paper thoroughly after typing. To allow for eventual changes and to be on time for printing, the paper should be received by us no later then May, 20, 1996. All contributions from delegates, regardless the scheduling for oral or poster presentations are restricted to 8 pages (format 120mm width x 180mm height, font with 10pt), please see instructions. All papers exceeding 8 pages will be charged $80.00 (FF 410.00) per each additional two pages, to cover the higher printing costs. Papers in excess of 12 pages cannot be included. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sending your paper: The editor requires the papers as hard-copies. To transfer the paper to us, you may do one of the following: * Send us the paper and two copies by normal mail. If possible use an express delivery and in any case air-mail for long distances. If you send your paper from Africa, Asia, Overseas or eastern European countries, please fax it as well to INSA, Fax-Nr.: +33 35 52 83 32 since mailing may sometimes take long. * Send a full ready to print PS-version of the paper, compressed or gzipped and uuencoded by e-mail to: Please do NOT use PC-like packing or any other but compress and gzip. If the size of the files is too large for reasonable e-mails, we may also open up an incoming ftp-server for you. You may as well indicate us where we may get it via ftp from you. Very important: Please send your papers directly to one of the members of the organizing committee and NOT to the editor. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Presentations in oral sessions: All papers will be presented in plenary sessions. Oral presentations are scheduled for 20 minutes including a few minutes for discussion. Authors are thus pleased to concentrate on the essentials of their papers. We recomend overhead projection. Upon request, slides projection is also available. Presentations in poster sessions: Poster presentation will include an optional five minutes plenary oral introduction by the authors during a consecrated session, and around sixty minutes presentation time for the poster itself. Poster sessions are thus intended to provide opportunity for efficient informal discussion on more specific topics. Authors, presenting a paper in a poster session are thus pleased to give a summarizing overview of their work, when introducing it.