Second International Symposium on

Finite Volumes for Complex Applications

- Problems and Perspectives -

July, 19-22, 1999 / Duisburg, Germany


What's that good for?

The intention is to open up a critical discussion concerning the wide field, cited in the title. Critical means, showing up the limits of existing methods as well as finding new approaches. New ideas are explicitly welcome, even if these did not yet show full success.

For whom's that good?

Mathematicians, engineers and numericists concerned with or interested in Finite Volume Techniques for any application. Honoured scientists, industrial delegates and students are equally welcome. We're currently negotiating about possible low-cost accommodations, so that the total cost for a participation can be minimised.

Where does it come from?

The above, uncomplicated attitude has already been the main purpose of the first symposium of this series, held summer 1996 at INSA de Rouen in France. Initially planned as a quite small meeting, the organizers and members of the committee were overwhelmed with an unexpected high number of proposals, most of them related to new and ongoing developments related to numerical analyses and innovative schemes in the wide field of finite volume methods. More than 100 participants from 11 countries in four continents visited the first symposium in Rouen.

Will there be proceedings?

Yes. The presentation of new ideas must be accomplished by publishing citeable papers. All those interested in the proceedings of the first FVCA-symposium may contact Editions Hermes.

Where to get more information?

Who else will come?

There will be around 100 contributing lectures, seven of these invited. Besides,  colleagues have seen this page since January, 25th 1999.

Are there any changes since the first Announcement?


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