Fourth International Symposium on Finite Volumes
Marrakech July, 4-8, 2005

The following authors have agreed to present extended lectures:

Francisco Alcrudo,  CPS-Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain,  alcrudo(at)
Inundation models based upon the Shallow Water equations. Numerical and practical issues.

Claire Chainais, LMA, Université de Clermont-Ferrand, France, Claire.Chainais(at)
Finite volume schemes for 2D drift-diffusion and energy transport models

Benoit Desjardins, Cea Bruyeres, France, benoit.desjardins(at)
Numerical modelling of two phase compressible turbulent mixing

Jean-Marc Herard, EDF-DRD, France, jean-marc.herard(at)
Some open numerical problems in NEPTUNE project

Raphaele Herbin,  LATP, Université de Provence, France, herbin(at)
Finite Volumes for the incompressible Navier Stokes Equations

Alexander Kurganov, Department of Mathematics, Tulane University, USA, kurganov(at)
Fast Explicit Operator Splitting Method.
Application to the Polymer System

Zoubida Mghazli, Professeure, Labo SIANO, Universite Ibn Tofail, Morocco, mghazli_zoubida(at)
A posteriori error analysis for a vertex-centered finite volume scheme

Mario Ohlberger, AAM, Universitat Freiburg, Germany, mario(at)
Error control for approximations of non-linear conservation laws

E.F. Toro, Laboratory of Applied Mathematics, University of Trento,  Italy, toro(at)
Conventional and Derivative Riemann Solvers