FOrmalisation du Calcul ALgébrique / Formalisation of algebraic computation

Project granted by the Sorbonne Paris Cite IDEX, for 2013-2016


This project is located at the interaction of algebraic topology and rewriting systems. The three main axes are the following:
  1. Finding a unified context to apply in algebra the latest results of rewriting theory.
  2. Developing algorithms for effective computations in algebra, including computing homological invariants for algebras and operads.
  3. Implementing these algorithms in a way adapted at the same time for the context of rewriting and for the algebraic/operadic context.
The members of the project are hosted either by the laboratory PPS (Preuves, Programmes et Systemes) and the IMJ-PRJ at Universite Paris 7 or the algebraic topology team of the LAGA (Laboratoire Analyse, Geometrie et Applications) at Universite Paris 13.


Algebraic topology, rewriting systems, Groebner basis, homological invariants, higher dimensional rewriting, effective computation.

Permanent members:

Pierre-Louis Curien (PPS)
Yves Guiraud (PPS)
Eric Hoffbeck (LAGA)
Muriel Livernet (IMJ-PRG)
Philippe Malbos (ICJ and PPS)
Francois Métayer (PPS)
Samuel Mimram (CEA and PPS)

Postdoc :

Stephanie Ziegenhagen (from September 2014 to August 2015)

PhD student:

Cyrille Chenavier (advisors : Y. Guiraud and P. Malbos)

Activities related to the project:

Mathematical structures of computation, week 2: Algebrad and Computation, Lyon, January 2014
Workshop: Algebras, Operads and Rewriting, Saint-Etienne, September 2014