Organizing committee

Laurence Halpern – Caroline Japhet – Yvon Maday

Presentation of the day

The purpose of the event of the 25th of January is to discuss recent developments in various aspects of parallel in time methods, bringing together mathematicians and computational scientists who are working on this subject.

This day is organized by the ANR project CINE-PARA (ANR-15-CE23-0019), the MCS team, LAGA, and LJLL

The presentations will take place in the Room B405 of LAGA.


                -Coffee break-
                -Coffee break-



Practical aspects

  The presentations will take place in the room B405 (Building B, 4th floor) of the Institut Galilée, Université Paris 13. Click here for the access maps to LAGA

ANR Partners

ANR, Agence Nationale de le Recherche

ANR project CINE-PARA (ANR-15-CE23-0019), partners :

Organization and sponsors

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