Other scientific activities

Supervisions Ph.D Thesis

  1. Ph.D Thesis of Jian Liu (co-endarely with Lusheng Chen), School of Mathematical Science-University of Nankai-China) at the University of Paris VIII in the China Scholarship Council framework (CSC), defended on May 29, 2015.
  2. Ph.D Thesis of Bennenni Nabil (co-endarely with K. Guenda) with University of Sciences and Houari Boumedienne USTHB technology, Algeria, supported on October 23, 2016
  3. Ph.D Thesis of Ahmet Sinak (co-supervised with the METU applied mathematics institute, Ankara, Turkey) (co-supervision with Ferruh Ozbudak) at the University of Paris VIII defended on 08 September 2017.
  4. Ph.D Thesis of Amine Mrabet (in co-supervision with University of Tunis) (co-supervision with Nadia Mrabet and Mohsen Machhout) defended on 08 November 2017.
  5. Ph.D Thesis of Junwei Wang (co-supervision with Jean-Sébastien Coron, Matthieu Rivain and Pascal Paillier) at the University of Paris VIII and the University de Luxembourg supported on June 24, 2020.
  6. Ph.D Thesis of Ashref Aloui at the University of Paris VIII.
  7. Ph.D Thesis of Bachir Benmoussat (co-supervision with Farid Mokrane) at the University of Paris VIII.
  8. Ph.D Thesis of Omar Diankha (co-supervision with Sylvain Guilley) at Paris VIII University and Telecom Paris.
  9. Ph.D Thesis of Jinjin Chai (co-supervision with Zilong Wang) at the University of Paris VIII and China.
  10. Ph.D Thesis of Said Eddahmani at Paris VIII University.
  11. Ph.D Thesis of Ruikai Chen at the University of Paris VIII.

Supervisions of Master Thesis

    Since 2006, I have supervised nearly 100 internship projects in License 3 and Master 1. Below, the list of my supervision at Master 2 level (knowing that our students are invited to carry out end-of-study internships in companies):
  1. Master Thesis of Mozhgan Taghizadehtabarsi in coding theory defended on 17 September 2014.
  2. Master Thesis of Edgar Ndie in Boolean functions defended on 1st September 2017.
  3. Master Thesis of Omar Diankha Boolean functions and Side Channel Attacks defended on 1st September 2019.
  4. Master Thesis in Cybersecurity and cyberdefense of Guillaume Avillaneda defended on January 2020.
  5. Master Thesis in Cybersecurity and cyberdefense of Jordan Berfroi defended on January 2020.
  6. Master Thesis in Cybersecurity and cyberdefense of Jean-Vincent Blossier defended on January 2020.
  7. Master Thesis in Cybersecurity and cyberdefense of Jean-Thierry Calvet defended on January 2020.
  8. Master Thesis in Cybersecurity and cyberdefense of Charles Dubos defended on January 2020.
  9. Master Thesis of Mohamed Hassen Tazairt defended on december 2020.
  10. Master Thesis of Roosvelt Essono Assoumou defended on december 2020.
  11. Master Thesis of Kone Ibrahima defended on december 2020.
  12. Master Thesis of Nourelhouda Aouni defended on december 2020
  13. Master Thesis of Sarah Lemboub defended on december 2020.

Member of Ph.D thesis's defense

  1. Ph.D. Thesis of Rafael Fourquet "List decoding codes of Reed-Muller and application to cryptanalysis ", defended on November 3 2011, Paris VIII (examinar).
  2. Ph.D. Thesis of Jean-Pierre Flori "Boolean functions, algebraic curves and multiplication complex ", defended on February 03, 2012, Telecom Paris (examiner).
  3. Ph.D. Thesis of Chérif Mihoubi "Cyclic codes ternary rate 1/2 ", defended on 21 December 2012, Telecom Paris (examiner).
  4. Ph.D. Thesis of Lin Sok "Code, Lattices and functions boolean ", defended September 20, 2013, Telecom Paris (refreee).
  5. Ph.D. Thesis of Stéphanie Dib "Distribution of non-linearity of boolean functions ", defended on 11 December 2013, University of Marseilles (rapporteur).
  6. Ph.D. Thesis of Deng Tang "Boolean functions for diagrams cryptographic by streams and blocks, defended on 01 July 2014, University of Paris VIII (examiner).
  7. Ph.D. Thesis of Valentin Suder "Properties differential of permutations and application in cryptography symmetric ", defended on November 5, 2014, INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt and Paris 6 University, France (examiner).
  8. Ph.D. Thesis of Brahim Merabet "Security criteria functions boolean opposite attacks algebraic on flow diagrams and by blocks ", defended on January 12, 2015, University of Boumediene, Algeria (referee)
  9. Ph.D. Thesis of Soukayna Qarboua "Quaternary approach functions cryptographic, boolean functions and Tu conjecture and Deng "defended on 23 June 2016, Telecom Brittany / ITI (refree).
  10. Ph.D. Thesis of Samir Hodzic "Characterization of generalized bent functions and some other related topics to cryptography ", defended on August 10 2017, Koper, Slovenia (referee).
  11. Ph.D. Thesis of Pierrick Méaux titled "Hybrid fully homomorphic framework ", defended on December 08, 2017, ENS, INRIA, Paris, France (examiner).
  12. Ph.D. Thesis of Nicolas Marrière called "Cryptanalysis ciphers by blocks with method variances ", defended on 20 December 2017, Cergy, France (guest).
  13. Ph.D. Thesis of Nishant Sinha entitled `` Analysis of symmetric ciphers " defended on August 31 2018, Roorkee, India (referee).
  14. Ph.D. Thesis of Bhupendra Singh intulated `` On rotation symmetric Boolean functions "supported in May 2019, India (referee).
  15. Ph.D. Thesis of Yann Rotella intulated `` Mathematics discrete applied to cryptography symmetrical "sustained September 19, 2018, INIRIA, Paris, France (examiner)
  16. Ph.D. Thesis of Thanh-Hung Dang titled "Complexity scalar of type algorithms Chudnovsky from multiplication in finite fields " defended on May 25 2020, Luminy, Marseille, France (referee).
  17. Ph.D. Thesis of Maamar Oulad titled “Optimizations of Channel Attacks Hidden ", defended on September 08, 2020, Paris, France (guest).
  18. Ph.D. Thesis of Violetta Weger titled “Information Set Decoding in the Lee Metric and the Local to Global Principle for Densities " defended on 17 November 2020, Zurich (referee).

Administration activities

  • Head (since 2021) of the research team at the LAGA Lab: "Algebra, Geometry, Combinatorics, and applications to Cryptography and Coding” (AGC3).
  • Head (since 2020) of the Master in Arithmetic, Coding and Cryptology of the diploma "Master Mathematics and applications" at the university of Paris VIII.
  • Member of Council of the Laboratory LAGA (since 2020).
  • Interlocutor in Paris VIII of the Lab LAGA (since 2017).
  • Head of the research team MTII "Mathematics for information and image processing" (2017-2018) in the laboratory LAGA.
  • Head of Master: I was heading the Master degree of mathematics (Master Mathematics and Applications to Coding theory and Cryptography) at the University of Paris VIII since 2013.
  • I was in charge (with C. Carlet) of the Master MACC (Mathematics and Applications to Coding theory and Cryptography) program of mathematics from 2006 to 2009.
  • Member of Council UFR: I was member of the council of Unity of formation and research (UFR) at the University of Paris VIII from 2006 to 2010.
  • Budget: Charge of the budget of the department of Mathematics at the University of Paris VIII from 2006 to 2009.
  • Teaching and administrative training: Charge teaching and administrative training in cryptology between Thales and University Paris VIII form 2008 to 2009.
  • Member of the Recruitment Commission: I'm member (vice president) of the Recruitment Commission for Mathematics at university of Paris VIII since 2008. This commission is in charge of the recruitments of Assistant/Associate Professors.
  • Member of committee: I was a member for 7 years (2011-2018) of the french research coordination committee (Codes and Cryptography), gathering more than 250 researchers.

Educational activities

  • Author of book: Joint author of the book "Mathematics L2" Pearson Education, 2007 (Chapter "Quotients rings and finite fields" and Chapter complement "From finite fields to error-correcting codes").
  • Jury member of a national competition: competition Mathematics A (Algebra and Analysis) from 2005 to 2014
  • Corrective books: book "oral competitions Central School / Supelec School/ Mine School/ Polytechnic School"; collection Ellipses and book "Mathematics L1"; collection Pearson Education.
  • Scientific document examiner: "An analysis of scientific papers" in Mathematics for Polytechnic competitions in 2011.
  • Framing of training courses: framing of almost 50 training courses Master in Mathematics and information theory from 2006 to 2009.
  • Oral examinations in preparatory classes: preparation for the oral competition in Mathematics (2nd year class preparatory MP, PSI*, MP*, PC* and 1st year of preparatory class MPSI) for 25 years.