Guglielmo Nocera

Position and contact

I am a postdoc researcher at LAGA, Université Sorbonne Paris Nord (Paris XIII) in the group of Yonatan Harpaz.

Email: guglielmo [dot] nocera [at] gmail [dot] com

Academic record: Curriculum vitae, updated to the last relevant date, and Google Scholar account.

Research interests

During my PhD, I mainly studied applications of derived algebraic geometry and algebraic topology in the context of the geometric Langlands program, and in particular to the role of the affine Grassmannian and its variants.
As part of the ongoing project "Foundations of motivic real K-theory", I am focusing on the problem of topological rigidity of manifolds. Techniques include the theory of assembly maps in algebraic K- and L-theory from the point of view of Poincaré $\infty$-categories and hermitian K-theory.

Keywords: Algebraic geometry, Algebraic topology, Category theory, Derived algebraic geometry, Geometric topology, Geometric representation theory, Homotopy theory, K-theory, $\infty$-category theory.