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Fayssal Benkhaldoun                                                                   

PU1, LAGA UMR7539, Paris13 University, France

Head of the team MCS (Modeling and Scientific Computing) of LAGA
Project Leader of International Office - IUT Villetaneuse
President of Scientific Council - IUT Villetaneuse
First Organizer of International Symposium FVCA

fayssal at math dot univ-paris13 dot fr
Tel : (33) 1 49 40 36 15

Research fields:
Development and Numerical Analysis of Finite Volumes Schemes                           
Non Homogeneous Systems
Shallow Water problems (FLoods, Poluttant and Sediment Transport)
Flow in Porous Media and Multiphase Flows
Front propagation in Combustion and Cold Plasma
Mesh Adaptation


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IJFV Editor

Recent Publication:

* Christophe Cerin, Imad Kissami, Fayssal Benkhaldoun and Gilles Scarella, "Towards Parallel CFD computation for the ADAPT framework", (2016), the 16th International Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing (ICA3PP 2016),  December  14-16, 2016,  Granada, Spain

* F. Benkhaldoun, A. Halassi, D. Ouazar,  M. Seaid and A. Taik "Slope limiters for radial basis functions applied to conservation laws with discontinuous flux function", (2016), Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements, Volume 66, May 2016, Pages 49–65

* Imad Kissami, Christophe Cerin, Fayssal Benkhaldoun and Gilles Scarella, "Parallelisation of the ADAPT 3D Streamer Propagation Code", (2016), 19th IEEE International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE 2016), August 24-26, 2016 - Paris, France

* F. Benkhaldoun, I. Elmahi, A. Moumna, M. Seaid « A non-homogeneous Riemann solver for shallow water equations in porous media », (2016), Applicable Ananlysis Volume 95, (2016) - Issue 10, Pages 2181-2202.

* Imad Kissami, Fayssal Benkhaldoun and Christophe Cerin, "Towards Parallel CFD computation using Mesh Partitioning and the MUMPS solver for the ADAPT framework", (2016),  AAFD & SFC'16 : Conférence Internationale Francophone sur la Science des Données, 22-26 mai 2016 Marrakech (Maroc).

* Y. Alhuri, F. Benkhaldoun, D. Ouazar,  M. Seaid and A. Taik « A meshless method for numerical simulation of depth-averaged turbulence flows using a k-ϵ model », (2016), Int. J. Num. Meth. Fluids, Volume 80, Issue 1, (2016), Pages: 3–22

* F. Benkhaldoun, S. Sari, M. Seaid « A Family of Finite Volume Eulerian-Lagrangian Methods for Two-dimensional Conservation Laws », (2015), Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematicas  (IF 2013 : 1,077), Volume 285, (2015) Pages 181–202, doi :10.1016/

* F. Benkhaldoun, S. Sari, M. Seaid « Projection finite volume method for shallow water flows », (2015) , Mathematics and Computers in Simulation (IF 2013 : 0,856) , Volume 118, December 2015, Pages 87-101, doi:10.1016/j.matcom.2014.11.027

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Office: D317
Mailing address: LAGA
Université Paris 13
99 AVenue J.B. Clément
93100 Villetaneuse


fayssal at math dot univ-paris13 dot fr

+33 (0)1 49 40 36 15 office
+33 (0)1 49 40 38 92 lab (secretary telephone)
+33 (0)1 49 40 35 68 lab fax 

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