"p-adic Modular Forms and p-adic Hodge Theory."

Video-Seminar Paris 13-Columbia University

October-December 2009

October 20 and 27, November 17 and 24, December 1st , 8, 2009

Organizers : V. Pilloni, E. Urban (Columbia U.) and J. Tilouine (Université Paris 13)

pilloni@math.columbia.edu, urban@math.columbia.edu, tilouine@math.univ-paris13.fr


Time : 12 to 14, Room : 644 Mudd.

Watch out : this room is not in the maths building but in the Mudd building ! See the following link to find the Mudd building on the Columbia campus :



October 20 : A. Mokrane (Univ. Paris 13). Titre : Periods of unit roots and Overconvergent Igusa Towers, Part I.

Abstract: .

October 27 : O. Brinon (Univ. Paris 13). Title : Periods of unit root and Overconvergent Igusa Towers, Part II.

Abstract: .

November 17 : V. Pilloni (Columbia U.). Title : Overconvergent Modular Forms and Abelian Surfaces.

Abstract: Yoshida's Conjecture predicts the existence of a Siegel modular form attached to any abelian surface defined over the rationals. In certain cases, one can prove this correspondence by replacing modular forms by overconvergent modular forms. We shall explain a plausible strategy to prove that these overconvergent Siegel modular forms are actually classical, hence that these abelian surfaces actually come from classical Siegel modular forms.

November 24 : E. Urban (CNRS Jussieu et Columbia U.): Euler systems and p-adic modular forms
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December 1st : K. Tignor (Columbia U.):
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December 8 : J. Tilouine (U. Paris 13): Companion forms for GSp4(Q)

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