ANR MUTADIS project member (2012-2016).

GDR Analyse multifractale member (2012-2020)

Partenariat Hubert-Curien Procore (France-Hong-Kong) "Multifractal analysis on limit sets of discrete groups"(2015-2016), collaboration with D.-J. Feng.

ANR DMASC project coordinator (2009-2012).

Chinese project 111 member (2008-2011).

European RTN "CODY" member (2006-2010).

Partenariat Hubert-Curien Procore (France-Hong-Kong) "The Weighted Thermodynamic Formalism and Multifractal Analysis on Self-Affine Carpets" (2009-2010), collaboration with D.-J. Feng.

French-Tunisian CMCU project "Fractales, Images et Ondelettes" coordinator (2005-2007, jointly with F. Ben Nasr).

French-Tunisian CMCU project "Autosimilarités: théorie et applications" member (2002-2004).