Professor at Institut Galilée, Paris North University (Université Paris 13)

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Logo du Laga

Member of Laboratoire d'Analyse, Géométrie et Applications (LAGA),

Member of the team Modelization and Scientific Calculus team

Responsible of Master studies in Mathematics at Paris 13

Research interests (publications):

  • Modelization of physical and biological processes
  • Precise study of singular ODEs and PDEs
  • Pseudodifferential calculus and Fourier integral operators
  • Study of stability of systems of hyperbolic PDEs

Current participations to research projects:

FrenchTeam MSFR project member since 2014.

Current events organization:

Current and former students:

Youness Noumir, Yohan Penel, Thierry Crestaux, Cecile Baudry, Benoit Lize, Kieran Delamotte, Amine Bey, Pierrick Quemar, Pierre Payen,