Professor at Institut Galilée, Paris North University (Université Paris 13)

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Member of Laboratoire d'Analyse, Géométrie et Applications (LAGA),

Member of the team Modelization and Scientific Calculus team

Responsible of Master studies in Mathematics at Paris 13

Research interests (publications):

  • Modelization of physical and biological processes
  • Precise study of singular ODEs and PDEs
  • Pseudodifferential calculus and Fourier integral operators
  • Study of stability of systems of hyperbolic PDEs

Current participations to research projects:

FrenchTeam MSFR project member since 2014.

Current events organization:

Current and former students:

Youness Noumir, Yohan Penel, Thierry Crestaux, Cecile Baudry, Benoit Lize, Kieran Delamotte, Amine Bey, Pierrick Quemar, Pierre Payen,