Charles De Clercq

Équipe Topologie Algébrique

Université Sorbonne Paris Nord
Institut Galilée, LAGA, UMR 7539

Case C-3
Ave J.-B. Clément
F-93430, Villetaneuse
Email : declercqØ

Bureau D-409

I learned mathematics in Paris and my mathematical family, N. Karpenko, A. Merkurjev, A. Suslin and A. Yakovlev come from St. Petersburg, Russia.

I mainly work around the two following areas of research :
  • with Mathieu Florence, we introduced the notion of smooth profinite groups, whose purpose is to try to deduce from an enhancement of Kummer theory for fields lifting theorems for mod p Galois representations, aiming at providing a proof of a generalized version of the Norm Residue Isomorphism Theorem, proved by Rost, Suslin, Voevodsky and Weibel (also known as the Bloch-Kato conjecture).
  • I study motives associated to projective homogeneous varieties, an area of research which has recently shown to be very fruitful in solving classical conjectures around quadratic forms, Severi-Brauer varieties and central simple algebras. I introduced the notion of motivic equivalence for semisimple algebraic groups, and constructed the discrete invariants controlling this equivalence, providing a complete classification of these groups in terms of the motives of their twisted flag varieties.