Charles De Clercq

Équipe Topologie Algébrique

Prépublications :

  • [PDF] Motifs et traces de Tate des variétés projectives homogènes

    The proofs of Smooth Profinite Groups I and III have been checked, but the latter uses statements from Smooth Profinite Groups II whose proof contain a gap. Therefore, the series does not provide for the moment a proof of the smoothness conjecture, nor to the norm residue isomorphism theorem. We hope this to be fixed in the future.

  • [PDF] Smooth Profinite Groups, I: Geometrizing Kummer Theory
               with Mathieu Florence

  • [PDF] Smooth Profinite Groups, III: The Smoothness Theorem
               with Mathieu Florence

  • [PDF] Lifting vector bundles to Witt vector bundles
               with Mathieu Florence and Giancarlo Lucchini Arteche

  • [PDF] Lifting Theorems and Smooth Profinite Groups
               with Mathieu Florence

Publications :

  • [PDF] Critical varieties and motivic equivalence for algebras with involution
               with Anne Quéguiner-Mathieu and Maksim Zhykhovich

  • [PDF] Lifting low-dimensional local systems
               with Mathieu Florence

  • [PDF] On the Tits p-indexes of semisimple algebraic groups
               with Skip Garibaldi

  • [PDF] Équivalence motivique des groupes algébriques semisimples

  • [PDF] Upper motives of products of projective linear groups

  • [PDF] Motivic rigidity of Severi-Brauer varieties

  • [PDF] A going down theorem for Grothendieck Chow motives

  • [PDF] Classification of upper motives of algebraic groups of inner type A_n

  • [PDF] Motivic decompositions of projective homogeneous varieties and change of

Projets interdisciplinaires :

  • [PDF] Surgery of the recurrent dislocation of low jaw, after Girard and Leclerc
               with Professor Natsuki Segami