Hanoi March  4  to March 15, 2013

Numerical Analysis coarse

L. Halpern

                      2013 class, boys with the professor   The 2013 class,
                      girls with the professor


  • Lecture notes  on iterative matrices here
  • Matlab examples  here
  • Lecture notes on domain decomposition here.
  • Some Exercises on iterative methods here
  • Other Exercises on iterative methods here
  • Text of the Matlab praktising, due on March 30
  1. Create a file  example.m which computes  Dirichlet 1d on (0,1) with a forcing  equal  to 1on  (0.3,0.4). Calculate with various values of   h to see the order of the scheme.
  2. Run several iterative schemes to see the rate of convergence.
  3. Run alternate Schwarz  with various values of   h to see the convergence factor. How many iterations are needed to find the error of the scheme
  4. Create a file  BarParallelSchwarz.m which computes the parallele iterations.
  5. Compare 2 with  AS, MS.
  6. Write a report and send it to me before march 30.
More pictures of the women's day   http://www.math.univ-paris13.fr/~halpern/PhotosClasseHanoi2013/


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