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Lepton Documentation

Lepton Documentation


Source code and executable instructions are embedded in a Lepton file with the following syntax:

<<chunk_name -options>>=
chunk contents

Available options are:

  • -write write the chunk contents to disk
  • -exec interpreter send the contents to an external interpreter (shell, ocaml, python, R, others coming)
  • -chunk format, -output format control the format for inclusion in the produced documentation. Special values are -hide to suppress output, and -verb for including as-is (e.g. without LaTeX environments)



  • Syntax
    • Simple syntax, similar and compatible with Noweb
    • programming language independent
  • Documentation format
    • LaTeX for rich documents, preliminary HTML support, preliminary Creole Wiki markup support
    • Automatic indexes and references (LaTeX)
    • Colorful syntax highlighting in code chunks (LaTeX)
  • Command execution
    • Lepton files are executable programs
    • Source code is guaranteed to compile and run according to specification
    • Programmatically-generated tables and figures
    • Chunks can be executed in external interpreters : shell, OCaml, R, Python, (matlab)
  • Large scope. Lepton is a tool for
    • reproducible research and executable papers
    • literate programming
    • teaching computational science
    • many other uses: presentation slides, code certification, publishing web sites, etc.

Current Implementation

Lepton is developped in a Lepton file with the OCaml language. The implementation will be available as soon as the plugin system is ready.

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