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Lepton FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Most problems with Lepton are in fact related to the LaTeX compilation step. A minimal example, with minimal LaTeX requirements is provided below.

  • Baretex example with minimal LaTeX requirements and its rendered PDF

Running Lepton

  • What do I need to run Lepton ?

Only Lepton. Lepton is provided as a self-contained binary program at the moment. It runs on 32bit / 64bit Linux systems without external libraries.

  • When running Lepton on the tutorial example, the program exits with "Fatal error: exception End_of_file".

The tutorial example executes the OCaml interpreter with the contents of code chunk 1. This error occurs when OCaml is not installed on the host.

LaTeX problems

  • The minted package

To use the minted package for colorful syntax-highlighting, the user must install the LaTeX package and the Pygments librabry. Follow the instructions at
In addition, LaTeX must be run with the -shell-escape option.

  • Can I avoid the minted package ?

Yes. You can run lepton.bin -env verbatim to use the standard verbatim environment instead of the minted environment for code chunks.

  • There are errors related to \flq and \frq .

These correspond to the French left quote and right quote characters used in the captions of code chunks. They require the Babel package.

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