Mathematical papers and notes

Published papers and notes

The underlined title is a link to the paper in PDF-format.

Preprints and papers in preparation

  • Adjunction of roots, algebraic K-theory and chromatic redshift, arXiv:2211.16929[math.AT],
    Ch. Ausoni, Ö. Bayindir and T. Moulinos.
  • Algebraic K-theory of elliptic cohomology, arXiv:2204.05890[math.AT],
    G. Angelini-Knoll, Ch. Ausoni, D. Culver, E. Höning and J. Rognes, to appear in Geom. Topolo.
  • Algebraic K-theory of real topological K-theory, arXiv:2309.11463[math.AT],
    G. Angelini-Knoll, Ch. Ausoni and J. Rognes.
  • Algebraic K-theory of the fraction field of topological K-theory,
    Ch. Ausoni and J. Rognes, in preparation. An older version is available at arXiv:0911.4781[math.KT].


  • Structures multiplicatives en K-théorie algébrique et en homologie du groupe linéaire,
    Ch. Ausoni [D. Arlettaz (Advisor)], Master Thesis, University of Lausanne, 1994.
  • Propriétés homotopiques de la K-théorie algébrique des entiers,
    Ch. Ausoni [D. Arlettaz (Advisor), V. Snaith and G. Mislin (Referees), W.-D. Schneider (President)], PhD Thesis, University of Lausanne, 1998.
  • Algebraic K-theory of complex K-theory by trace methods,
    Ch. Ausoni, Habilitation Thesis, University of Bonn, 2008.