Philippe Marchal

CNRS researcher at Université Paris 13

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Institut Galilée — Office B402

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LAGA, Institut Galilée
Université Paris 13
99 avenue J.-B. Clément
93430 Villetaneuse

phone : 01 49 40 30 01

Associate editor, Statistics and Probability Letters

Principal investigator of the project "Alea Sorbonne" with Sylvie Corteel (LIAFA, Paris 7) and Frédérique Bassino (LIPN, Paris 13)

Member of the project "Combinatoire à Paris" (Principal investigator: Guillaume Chapuy , LIAFA, Paris 7)

Research interests

Lévy processes, random trees, random generation.

Some papers

Rectangular Young tableaux with local decreases and the density method for uniform random generation (with Cyril Banderier et Michael Wallner)

Periodic Pólya urns and an application to Young tableaux (with Cyril Banderier et Michael Wallner)

Rectangular Young tableaux and the Jacobi ensemble

Permutations with a prescribed descent set

Maple implementations (many thanks to Cyril Banderier)

(1) generating a random profile of ascents and descents and a random permutation with this pattern

(2) run time and memory for various permutation lengths

A class of special subordinators with nested ranges

Random-bit optimal uniform sampling for rooted planar trees with given sequence of degrees and Applications (with Olivier Bodini and Julien David)

Generating random alternating permutations in time $n\log n$

Small time expansions for transition probabilities of some Lévy processes

A note on the fragmentation of a stable tree

Concentration for Norms of Infinitely Divisible Vectors With Independent Components (with Christian Houdré and Patricia Reynaud)

A note on measure concentration for stable distributions with index close to 2

Median, Concentration and Fluctuations for Lévy Processes (with Christian Houdré)

Ladder times, dual subordinators and the exponential law

Nested regenerative sets and their associated fragmentation process

On the Concentration of Measure Phenomenon for Stable and Related Random Vectors (with Christian Houdré)

Constructing a sequence of random walks strongly converging to Brownian motion

Related simulations

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meander whole path


Defense: 22/11/2010, Jussieu

Mémoire d'habilitation


The probability/statistics seminar at Paris 13

LAGA (Paris 13)

LIPN (Paris 13)

Laboratoire de probabilités (Paris 6 / Paris 7)